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not really active on lj except to download and upload stuff.
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Collapse )Pretty much every crush is listed above. Actually there is more but these are the biggest one yet lol. If i ever found new one i will update here. Found some similarities with me? more reason to become friends lol adios~
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♚ Haru-chan
♚ Things i love: Anime + JE + Otome games + figurines + manga
♚ I love Nishikido Ryo and Eito the most, so i tend to be biased towards them lol


✿ I mostly active on twitter and myanimelist (to update my blog entry there)
✿ I will try to post once in a while to keep my journal active. though i haven't post in a while.
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# 139 ; Friends cut.

friends cut.
-  you haven't update your journal for a long time (not in hiatus)
-  you never comment on my journal
-  i never comment on yours
-  we've grown apart

We might seen each other around LJ sometimes,i hope we can still have good relationship with
each other.
If you've been cut,please remove me from your f-list too.

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関ジャニ∞ ► Ryo ♛ hadaka

Friend cut = (

I never done this be4...
but,here goes :


i'm sorry..didn't mean to hurt anyone..
its just some of u never talk to me..
n some of u have empty journal,
or haven't update for a long time with no reason.

btw,i love SHINEE - in my room 
u know,i thought the lyric (chorus) is
cause u were my sailormoon  xDDDDDDDDD
but i check the lyric,it is actually
cause u were my sun,the moon

is something wrong with my ears??
= P
関ジャニ∞ ► Ryo ♛ hadaka

blog crew part 2

[1] Open to all korean and japanese 
entertainment only !!
[2] Two claims per user
[3] 4 spot per claims
[4] Please state the name of the artist ,band ,country
[5] Do Not use the code until i replied ur comment
[6] My friend list can claim whoever they want even
though the spot is full already.  ^____^
[7] Singers whose in two group such as Nishikido Ryo
in NewS and Kanjani 8 will be under NewS only !!
[8] I only list a few so feel free to ask for artist
who i haven't listed yet
[9] Henry Lau and Zhou Mi will be added under
super junior
[10] I'm gonna claim Nishikido Ryo and Tegoshi yuya
so there's 3 spot left for them.. ^^V

On my birthday, [ CLAIM HERE ] disguise as a bear
and gave me heart shape balloons

Collapse )
psst : something happen to the list so those who want to claim,
u can still claim whoever u want and how many u want
but 1st,have to reply to this entry with ur claim ^^V

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関ジャニ∞ ► Ryo ♛ hadaka


Ah...i'm so bored...
i missed my laptop so much  TT,TT
to my f-list,so sorry,
i'm still hiatus till i can get my laptop back...
so i can't comment ur journal for the mean time...

if u can't wait for my comment,
f-cut me...
i really can't on9 till next week i guess....

n i'm sick..i need to watch suju once a day..
star golden bell,star king,love letter..
all show that have suju  ^_^
luckily suju have 13 members+2  ^^V
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