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I was about to do a list of fandom i'm in but then screw this; i'm gonna do a crush list instead lol XD so i separate crush list into 2 category; real life person and anime/manga/game wwww
coz somewhat the latter one has more list on it ^^v forgive me for the heavy image below coz if its just a plain list with text in it would be a bit boring so lets add a gif/picture instead :D its more fun and it can be a hint of why i like them XD (the first one is already obvious *look at gif above* XD )

REAL LIFE: (no particular order except for number 1)
[Real Life list]
1. Nishikido Ryo
\He is my oldest crush ever (in term of years of having crush on him, not his age XD) i started to like him after watching NEWS concert dvd and saw him perform 'Code'. I was instantly like him and not just his cool side, i love all the side of him. His evil side, a bit of Do-M side, his pervert side, his bossy side lol this can go on and on XD He is no 1 back then and even now.

2. Sakurai Sho If Ryo was love at first sight for me, Sho was the complete opposite.  I didn't notice that i started to like Sho, but after watching tons of Arashi tv show, one day i realized that i was always looking for Sho/ had my eyes glued on him. He is very charming and interesting. I like his younger self too when he was experimenting with piercing, rap, bad boy side etc XD He would have been my ichiban but i started to like Ryo again and fall back to the aho-sukiyanen kansai eito <3

Actually that was it XD the real life person crush for me lol These two are the top one and never change for quite a long time. Its hard for me to like someone else actually. But i do have little crush on others. So lets do a list then XD

Okura-kun / Tacchon coz he is fun to be around with and i enjoy watching him laughing out loud. He is pretty funny and interesting guy. I'm glad he grew up and become his current self. Compared to his early JE days was quite different from how he is now. P/s he is important coz of the Torn couple XD but his adam and eve pair with Yoko is also quite good !

Shirahama Alan from Generation (probably the only one who is not from JE in this list) XD . I saw him in Hirunaka Ryusei live action. I'm always on team Mamura, so when he plays Mamura i got to check him out. My first impression was he has a very define/masculine jawline. Somehow my image of Mamura is that he has a bit of a gentle face lol but he plays Mamura well. He is 2 years younger than me so i have a bit of a complexity to like him more XD (i always prefer those older than me)
Kitayama Hiromitsu I fall in love with him after saw him in Ikinari Ougon Densetsu tv show. He seriously a kind guy and very funny. He is also same age and bff with Ohkura. i was super duper excited to see him and Ohkura in JCD 2015 <3 I rarely like cute guys, coz i tend to like manly/masculine more but Mitsu is special XD

ANIME-MANGA-GAME: (may contain spoiler)
[may contain spoiler guys]
Miyuki Kazuya Miyuki-senpaiii ! Gotta love this hot and evil personality Miyuki. He is the genius catcher who can draws the best out of the pitcher. He is also a bad batter lol when there is no runner XD He treats everyone equally no matter if its kouhai and senpai. He loves to get in trouble or get someone in trouble esp Sawamura lol Daiya would lose its charm if Kazuya is not in it (thank goodness he is a 2nd year student..suddenly i feel sad whenever thinking of the 3rd years graduating students T__T)  It was the best team except Sawamura not the ace lol

Portgas D. Ace ahhhh how to say his name without feeling sad or crying T__T my first love in One Piece was Zoro, but then this oniichan chara came out and set butterlies in my stomach lol He easily become one of my fave chara. When he died, i froze, i can't seem to move on from that episode for months. I just keep on replaying some of his last moments with Luffy. I finally able to move on, but the scar is still there. RIP Ace. P/s i secretly hope that the treasure (OP) was something that can revive the dead so Ace can live again.

Igarashi Yuusuke In romance genre animanga, Igarashi-kun is at the top. He is the perfect/ ideal guy in my opinion lol When they first introduced him, i already love him ! /singing/ ♪ ♫ I knew i love you before i met you ♪ ♫ lol I love the kindness he shown, his effort to make Kae-chan falls for him. Everything he does for her makes my heart doki doki. The fact that he loves her even when he got fat again really confirms my respect and love towards him. I want a guy like him too lol Kae-chan better be with him or i will snatch him away XD why are u so perfect Igarashi-kun <3 i keep on re-watching/reading the part where he holds her hand, or accidental yuka-don XD

Everyone in Kimi to Boku except Shun coz he is quite girly and i don't really like girly boy XD lol okay hear me out, i love one-sided love theme and i can't help but falls in love with Chizuru coz of his effort towards Mary, and Kaname towards his sensei/older neighbour, or Yukki with the kitchen staff. Yuuta is the nice oniisan that everyone gotta love plus he help a girl before and become her bf for few weeks i think lol but best scene/couple gotta be Chizuru and Mary, the ost for these scenes also perfectly match with the mood <3

Matsunaga Tomoya Another one-sided love that catch my heart <3 Mattsun is so manly and straight-forward. Thats what i love the most about him. Also i have a thing for bad boy/ex player XD He is also very tall which is a bonus point for him XD
I don't really mind the height coz i'm not tall or likes tall people, its just a bonus point if they are tall lol

Kise Ryouta
Mannn..gotta love Kise-kun ! The deciding factor that make me like Kise was when his team vs Aomine's team for the first time. That part when he lose to Aomine keep on replaying in my mind. I cried watching it and always pray for a rematch between him and Aomine but it never happened. What a bummer !

Trafalgar Law
Behold ! the man who save my heart after Ace left one big hole in it XD i really thought i would never like anyone else (in One Piece) after Ace but then i found him, this mr. surgeon and his god-like skills "shambles". I missed the part when he and Luffy work together for the first time. It was fun ! I love how he had to put up with Luffy and the rest of the mugiwara when he went for a journey with them lol but the biggest reason that i love him is his voice. Omg i swear its Kamiyan best manly voice ever ! I could listen to his voice all day long~

Takigawa Chris Yuu
Chris senpaiiiiii to be honest my first impression of him was bad. I really hate him when he had to pair up with Eijun (mostly coz i ship Eijun x Miyuki senpai but also because he really looks like he is bullying Eijun for no reason) but later it was revealed why he did that and just like Eijun, i also started to like Chris senpai ! He really is brave and good at encouraging others. Its sad there is no more Chris senpai as he graduated with the rest of 3rd years.
Pretty much every crush is listed above. Actually there is more but these are the biggest one yet lol. If i ever found new one i will update here. Found some similarities with me? more reason to become friends lol adios~
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